Boom!Zndd the deepening of new energy car industry

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This is the age of a hero is known in the time of misfortune, is also the opportunity to change the fate of the age;This is the age of subversion lifestyle and a differential thinking explosion era, this is today's China.

Entity economic ups and downs, virtual economic upturn in the global economic downturn, under the weight of all walks of life struggle for change, Internet +, cross-border integration, industrial upgrading...Behind the recent hot word, it is entrepreneurs the unique way to change.Imperceptible in, our way of life, habits are being the words change little by little.Under the background of The Times of change, the people with diligence and intelligence, promote a new round of economic development, and leading the leading the trend of the development direction of the global economy.

Relief, to look us rationally on the related industries and the development of the international gap, like the auto industry, has been the Chinese people are reluctant to mention the heart of moss.

According to the data released by the China association of automobile manufacturers, production volume over 28 million cars in China last year, first in the world for eight consecutive years.However, objectively speaking, the independent brand car seems to have been marginalized development status, the passenger car market share, far behind the brand, big but not strong, broad but not jing, has always been a weakness in the development of auto industry in our country.Under the new situation, how to break the dilemma facing the independent brand cars, has been in China a serious problem in front of the autobots.

National renewable energy industry technology innovation strategic alliance can host group executive director, chairman of the board Mr Cheng Guangkun thinks: the new energy vehicles, get advantage from technology innovation, win the market from the brand operation, is China's independent brands corner overtaking, the body is the key to the international automobile market.

In fact, the auto industry as the pillar industry of national economy, is closely related to the national daily life.In countries strongly promote the development of pollution control and focus on energy conservation and environmental protection industry background, the new energy industry become a national policy focus areas, all kinds of good policy and the ground will also lead to more social quality capital influx of new energy industry, under the support of national policy and the role of the market, the take off of the new energy industry in China is just around the corner.

The national mission for the enterprise assumes that Zndd group, active practice of national policy, the top design, focus on promoting the new energy industry low carbonization, intellectualization and informationization, with technology innovation as the soul, to pioneering industry mode to highlight, actively integrating the resource of China's new energy industry and promote the upgrade of new energy industry in China, to build China's first new energy industry clustering development platform.

Zndd group independent research and development of the "U" series of electric vehicles, more than 500 km range in the country has more than 60 cities road test is successful, caused wide attention from all walks of life, become the focus of the industry's most competitive products, at present, the group has five institute of technology, multiple industry base, more than 300 provincial, city operation center, and collaborate with thousands of auto accessory enterprise, actively promote the construction of new energy automotive industry chain and ecosystem.

The challenge for eight years, unswervingly.Zndd the revitalization of national auto industry's mission with people struggling to move forward, as can host the completion of the global industry layout, can treat people with brand-new posture and push the cause to a new height, the higher requirements, contributing to the rapid development of national auto industry a greater force.