Speed/smooth-flowing leisurely Rob fresh drive wild horses can U on the pure electric vehicles

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        My hand has a set of domestic new energy car sales data in recent years, new energy car sales to 08000 vehicles in 2013, 2016, 340000 vehicles, predicts 2020 new energy vehicles sales will reach 2.65 million vehicles a year, in which individuals to buy people will be more than 60%.Look at industry development trend, the public has released 2025 strategy, by the year 2025 will launch more than 30 pure electric vehicles, sales of 200-3 million;Mercedes-benz's sustainable development strategy is proposed to focus on the development of pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles;Toyota 2025 strategic goal is to reduce 90% of the total carbon emissions,General target is also very strong, 2020 years ago, released nine new energy vehicles in China.New energy vehicles development speed of amazing!

      In order to achieve these goals, a new forward to build new energy vehicles dedicated platform is the inevitable trend.Recently, we can drive the horse U on pure electric SUV, which is developed by Zndd group(Zndd to provide technology and dynamic system, wild horses to provide body and production), the collection of new energy powertrain research and development and production, the new energy automotive design, vehicle production and sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises in auto enterprises may be "unknown" in camp, however, in scientific research, technology, capital, operation, management has the competitive advantage is to be reckoned with.Especially in the past two years, have created more than 200 provincial and municipal operating channels, and collaborate with thousands of auto accessory enterprise, actively implement the industrial chain construction and layout., according to media watch in future development, can host group is expected to become the industry's first to "cluster platform" to promote industrial innovation "new power".

      From the aspects of products, pure electric compact SUV is currently on the market "rare", the wild horses can U is on, if you are planning to buy a pure electric vehicles, so be sure to watch wild horses can U, its body modelling contracted and the atmosphere, interior design young fashion, not long after, SUV will debut at the new energy.And the car in terms of performance how well, today we can together to experience it.

      S drive experience U can up to speed on the - calmly smooth-flowing

      Talking about driving experience before you introduce mustang can U on the power, a new car for pure electric SUV, the vehicle is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, and matching the electronic shift knob type organization, the maximum power of 85 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 265 cattle*M.Official a top speed of 120 km/h, under the condition of full electric vehicle lasts 350       kilometers, vehicle support fast/slow filling, quick charge only 2 hours.

      Wild horses can U on the dynamic performance in carrying on the data is relatively good, meet the daily use no problem for certain, this motivation driving up?Let's try on the road!

      Can say wild horses can U on the power output is very good, as on the accelerator, then there will be enough torque output, only when the accelerator is to accelerate, you will find the power seems a little bit not enough.I can say is responsible, at speeds of up to 100 km/h are all within easy.

      Open such a pure electric SUV used to commute or walking is a very fashionable and halfback choice, after all, this is not a tesla, how the power is not important, as long as it can pull you to and from work every day, the traffic is not blocked core, occasionally at weekends enough short road trip to a trip to zhengzhou to kaifeng.

      Test summary:

      Due to the limited test drive route conditions, on the vehicle city congestion and the performance of the high speeds without experience, but the vehicle under normal driving condition of carriage JingMiXing left a good impression on me.Because the identity of the pure electric vehicles, itself is very small, the noise of the speed of 50 km/h in time, the car is still more quiet.Can U on the launch, not only show the design team can host group and sichuan horse positive development strength, carrying two enterprise new energy product layout is an important bargaining chip in the future.Hope production model can bring more useful configuration, a better driving experience.

      S the appearance of the simple atmospheric model

      Wild horses can U on is based on the mustang T70 building, the key here is that it is a pure electric SUV models.And on the outside, U can on basic maintained a mustang T70 ecological modelling, just play some tricks on detail, allow themselves to be more in line with the identity of a new energy vehicles.

      S fashion of interior design

      Wild horses can U on the appearance, based on a wild horse T70, but let's interior surprise!Ipc screen design, multi-function steering wheel and shift knob is very best.Test drive car configuration is also very rich, such as the automatic air conditioning, vehicle are equipped with bluetooth, navigation, etc.

S wild horses can U on the wide experience of space

       The full text summary:

      From outside the mustang U can on with a conservative attitude to show, but from its driving experience and give a range of 350 km but let a person pleasantly surprised!Control to design a piece of color screen, the level that the size of the screen is not easy, also can see manufacturer's sincerity.Believe that after the listing for this model will be to no small impact, SUV vehicle market for wild horses can U for more news on the we will continue to focus on.(li-na geng online graphic/henan car)