In order to reduce emissions, Shanghai new city public charging pile 4000 this year

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        On March 1, from the journalistShanghai municipal environmental protection bureau learned that, in order to further reduce vehicle emissions, Shanghai new energy vehicles, increasing and elimination of old vehicles.Therefore, new energy vehicles of charging device will increase every year, for owner to charge.

        It is reported that this year the Shanghai planning new urban public charging stations, 99, 99 dc charging pile, a new discrete 4000 charging piles, urban public circle center city average 2 kilometers charging services.The other will be the new bus station 14, 660 dc charging pile, further improving the capacity of electric bus service.

        According to the plan, Shanghai in 2020, the amount of charging infrastructure will reach 210000, of which no less than 28000 public charging pile, at the same time promote the charging infrastructure interconnectivity, perfecting the technical specification, set up unified charging infrastructure in the city public information service platform.

        At present, Shanghai new energy car charge service points three kinds: urban public charging stations, bus stations and highway fast filling station.

        According to data by the end of 2016, the Shanghai urban public fast charging station 227 seats, 22 highway fast charging station, bus station 12, energy storage public quick charge station 2, a total of 5084 charging piles.It is worth mentioning that the highway fast filling station has been realized on the expressway service area covers all of the waters.Currently, in colleges and universities, parks, even metro market has appeared the new energy vehicle charging stations.

        According to reporter understanding, in the Shanghai building, rebuilding and expansion of PeiJian parking lots and public parking lots of various construction projects, must be strictly implemented charging infrastructure for the construction of the special planning determine requirements, support based on the minimum ratio PeiJian build charging infrastructure.Both the construction of the parking lot should be determined based on the special charging infrastructure planning requirements, in accordance with the "unified planning obligate installation conditions, the charging infrastructure on-demand construction by stages" principle, build on existing parking charging facilities.