Promote shenzhen byd electric taxi has more than 5500 vehicles

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Shenzhen is originated in the development of the global electric taxi, provides pure electric taxi with manufacturing, marketing and market inspection fertile soil and opportunity.As early as in 2010, at the beginning of the new energy vehicles to promote exploration, byd has been developed to produce to meet the operational needs of a large city electric taxi (e6), and got the lead procurement of shenzhen city.From 2010 to 2014, shenzhen on stream electric taxi 850 vehicles.As of December 2016, the average of the 850 electric taxi mileage has more than 500000 kilometers, the total mileage has reached 400 million kilometers, created a new global city taxi electric operation record!Now, promotion of electric taxis in shenzhen for more than 5500 vehicles, electric taxis scale operation, not only provides citizens with green and convenient travel services, and promote the transformation of the urban taxi industry development.

Leading enterprises in advance Shenzhen implement electric taxi update the reward

As one of the earliest launch of new energy car city, shenzhen to public services as the breakthrough point, in the field of public transport, the official and private cars gradually developing promotion of new energy vehicles.In March 2015, shenzhen in order to further intensify popularization, issued a "shenzhen new energy vehicles development work plan", focusing on electric taxi adopts a preferential policy, and to encourage state-owned taxi taxi companies, leading enterprises first try first.By the end of 2016, shenzhen has demonstrated and pure electric bus, taxi, private cars and other kinds of new energy vehicles has more than 70000 vehicles, among the top.

According to the policy, shenzhen in addition to pure electric taxi outside the purchase and use of subsidies, will also according to the enterprise change time, promote the scale and quantitative evaluation, etc., to the enterprise reward increased operating indicators of 15% ~ 30%.In policy encouragement, shenzhen inati on electric bus group subordinate enterprise, longgang bus and shenzhen west lake transportation group and other leading enterprises engaged in pure electric taxi update work.So far, shenzhen promote electric cab already had more than 5500, in 2020 and is expected to achieve comprehensive electric taxi, form green public transportation development system.

Taxi electric is both "calculator" is "green accounting"

Taxi is Lord of the urban transportation "artery", large-scale driver groups and citizens user decides its important position in the development of urban traffic.Let the driver group wallet "drum" rise, allows users to smile, is the hard truth of promoting urban taxi industry sustainable development.

A electric taxis in shenzhen, the purchase price, after the repair, repair and other subsidies, has been basically with traditional fuel taxi.Relevant data show that a conventional fuel taxi operation mileage is about 400 km a day, every day about 32 l will consume gasoline, fuel costs about 220 yuan.If replace them with electric taxi, press the 1 yuan (including service charge) per kilowatt-hour meter, the electric cost is about 100 yuan a day, greatly reducing the operation cost of the taxi.At the same time, compared to the fuel vehicle shall maintain the engine oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, air filter ", such as pure electric vehicle maintenance simply replace "air conditioning mesh," maintenance frequency and cost is far lower than the traditional fuel vehicles.In the car, operation and maintenance under the premise of "cost-effective", electric taxi, is undoubtedly a driver's income, promote the industry upgrading "calculator".

Due to the electric drive, electric taxis can achieve zero emissions zero pollution, not only can provide passengers with a quiet and comfortable, green health high quality service, also saves fuel surcharge for passengers, reduce travel costs.For the urban environment, large-scale promotion electric taxis, will effectively reduce the exhaust emissions of the city, help cities to realize energy conservation and emissions reduction.

In the promotion of pure electric taxis on the road, shenzhen is not alone.In recent years, as the country is becoming more and more attention to the development of new energy vehicles, the demonstration effect of the taxi electric is also growing, the domestic existing Beijing, nanjing, taiyuan, hangzhou, wuhan, zhuhai, and other cities have the taxi update work, the scale on the electric taxis and successful operations.In the future, as the electric taxis in technology, operation and marketing of various conditions such as further mature, adding more cities to taxi, in the tide of "electric", let more people enjoy the green science and technology bring a better life.