Firm faith Zndd group loyalty mission - 2017 inscription in the New Year

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         Can host group of family and friends!

         Hello everybody!

         Red sun into fai road, golden crow m spring!

         The New Year's bell will ring in the bold passionate, dawn in the spring sunshine will be bathed in the warm wind warm the earth.At this time of renewing, Zndd group members to support for a long time can cause of  friends from all walks of life express our heartfelt thanks!To the hard work, solidarity of the family happy New Year wishes!Wish you all a happy and auspicious happiness!

       Casting sword eight years out, blossom do today.For eight years, can treat a person with an unyielding entrepreneurship, progress in exploration, in innovation to improve and perfect in the summary, build the foundation of the dream in one hundred.

         For Chinese  people in 2016, is a remarkable year, is a memorable year, Zndd group is the start of the implementation of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning", is a milestone in the development history of the business.Can treat a person with fearless innovation spirit, let the fruits, festival was packed.Not only has "industry conference" and "prayer time", "project", "cooperation contract", "cooperation", "industrial capital operation", "national industry joint", "good project" in China, the grand launch of "into the lofty spirit", and "high-tech enterprise", "Lv chi car", "new listing", "graphene battery research and development", "listed" powerful testimony, these proud and attention of our career highlight words appear in the country, it may be said yi yi is unripe brightness, electricity-that.

         Not afraid of floating clouds covered within sight, and completely crazy sha shi to gold.Faith perpetuate the heart, and the seed of the dream break ground.We had face the rolling of the Yellow River on praying to the world, we were in DaShun spirit inspired by practice of the sublime;We were in the pearl river side open "listed" train, we have in front of the Chinese ancestors once "joint industry".

         Make the new energy vehicles into every family!Is such a plain desire, into our arduous, mutual care, rally the surging development of positive energy;Is such a plain desire, gathering our unity, stop yu zhishan, point to set up our cause forward;Is such a plain desire, neatly into our beginner's mind, never forget the countenance, writing the pride and glory of an era.

         A long hone yong strong-arm reaction, ambition forward again.History in sequential replacement, dream in sheer endeavour.When time is at the door to the New Year, 2016 that a passionate moment as memorable historical memory, summed up surging tide of era, those with 2017 new expectation and new hope.

         In 2017, we will continue to fly "line road, by the people, and for the world" the development of the flag, to achieve "culture, operations, services, capital, technology, industry, management" as the core platform and system upgrade, such as layout in accordance with the "five one" strategy, the implementation of the "crossover, integration, innovation and subversion, sharing" concept of development, integrated innovation to drive and lead the industry development of the new normal organizational structure and way of development.

         Traditional culture in the body, steady zhiyuan, often is the heart.Zndd Group culture is the nation's blood, is the spiritual home of people, is the kernel in the development of group dynamics.Zndd in 2017, people continue to strongly promote culture and education as our first and education first "humanistic idea, draw on the wisdom of the Chinese nation, inheriting Chinese culture gene, show filial piety and reverence, and altruism within, with firm faith realizes loyalty mission, striving to build a happy enterprises.This kind of profound spiritual perceptible to the general and subtle things better, and very clever can connect thought way of human, can practice governing way of convenience, repairable for the greatness of noblesse oblige, but also general counsels the broad mind of success.

         Dapeng, not by the light of a feather;Thestrals types of speed, not by the force of a foot.Family, let we adhering to the basic culture gene, adapted to enterprise management mechanism, coordination, bursting completely-new, advancing with The Times of innovative ideas, down-to-earth, seeking truth from facts of true thoughts,, do as you would be done by altruism, natural rule, harmony, harmonious thought.With its sense of responsibility and mission, the foothold official duty, strengthen the concept, loyalty dedication, to take on responsibilities, and actively promote, line zhiyuan, own a bright career.

         Agitate enthusiasm young vivit of canoe ride all the way east.Look forward to the future, time is like water, in north-west such as iron, task heavy pressing.Learning calls for the party general secretary of the national people's "you put on more steam rolled up his sleeves, we will be able to walk the long road of our generation."Similarly, the causes also Zndd group, we need to put on more steam rolled up his sleeves, arms extended dry, hard to "pragmatic, dry firmly, dry clutch, concentric dry" attitude, determine the goal we set a complete implementation and to achieve.

         Wings to clouds and cock singing sound dawn;Winter jasmine, sword, three on the war drum, swallowing rainbow!Family, in 2017 the charge the horns have sounded, let us join hands and condensation with extraordinary wisdom and strength, reveal the broad mind and feelings, firm faith, a total of bosom of innovation, to bear responsibility, diligent, to cultivate one's morality mill without phosphorus, NieErBuZi, effort and innovation, with a new glorious chapter, for a better future!

         Finally, to wish everyone a happy Spring Festival, good health and a happy family, all the best!

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