Focus on a strong voice - Lvchi car brand and project conference led to the media scramble to report

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       Green, smart, chi move in the future.On December 28, 2016, by the intermediate host group co., LTD., green rich automotive technology (Beijing) co., LTD., intermediate host (Beijing) investment management co., LTD., sponsored by the "green chi car brand and project conference" was held in Shanghai.

       Festival, the blend of creative thinking, unique concept of building cars, now the construction of social industry ecosystem, Lv chi car distribution, industrial capital market operation mode of display, research strength together to become the focus of each big media scramble to report.

       Is known as "new industry", or by adopting "green wisdom build the intruder", in the dead of winter, the Lv chi car with strong image log in the temple of new energy vehicles industry, become a widely attention of the "new industry", lead a national auto industry grand change.

       In extensive media coverage, we selected part of the media coverage of the event related links, share with you.

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The first electric network:Can host set up green chi company to build new energy vehicles

) :New energy national brand with green chi car brand and project conference successfully held in Shanghai

51 cars:New energy added new tarmac chi car brand and project release

Tencent car:Green smart "intruder" green chi a-class car first SUV/B coupe

Sina: henanMake again new car club green chi auto brand

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