Focus on the global field of vision, casting national brand - a lot of broadcast CCTV can host industry innovation, light of the dream, stay tuned

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       ZnddGroup, for the dream.We all have a dream that China's new energy vehicles in the world.Znddgroup has always uphold the "crossover, integration, innovation, subversion, sharing" concept of development, integration of industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises, build a set of new energy automotive technology research and development, the value of the vehicle production and market operation symbiotic type social industry ecosystem, in the new economy, new technology, new mode and new ecological), comprehensively promote the new energy automotive industry change process, accelerate the great dream car power and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the Chinese dream!

       Spectacular, stride forward.Zndd group has always been to "line road, by the people, and for the world" as its mission, to "the development of leading industry, promote industrial upgrading transformation, set new industry standards" for the development goals, created a new culture, new ideas, new technology, new material, new economic model as the core of integrated innovation model of the industry.Face a brand new development opportunity, can host will develop new energy automotive industry as the carrier, the effective integration of industry resources, construction of powertrain industry base in shaoxing, zhejiang and anhui wuhu, hefei electrical production base in mianyang, sichuan and jiangsu golden lake, the vehicle production base, to achieve with a number of technology research institution, upstream and downstream enterprises and governments at all levels reached between solid strategic alliance, the implementation of the diversification of capital operation model building, the establishment of a global lead powertrain + system, innovative business model to build the marketing channel construction, introduced the independent brand electric cars, "U can electric cars", can host group to the development of the fact that does not dispute, become a national auto industry innovators, pioneer and leader.

       Timing of the fai, focusing on the world.Facing the industrial transformation under the new situation, the new normal, can host group with strong comprehensive strength, large industrial cluster, the business model of innovation, strong industrial capital, leading core technology, on the way of new energy automotive industry innovation, firmly seize the development opportunity, to promote, perfecting the policy guidance, market operation system, accelerate the process of internationalization as the means, technology innovation and pattern innovation to stimulate the healthy and rapid development of new energy automotive industry.This determines the future of national automobile industry, also is related to the pattern of China's economic development and speed!

       Front-loaded again in December, Znddt group, and China central television (CCTV) launched announcements of the group, and to travel at the nationalization of CCTV platform for advantage, fully displaying the spirit and power of national industry development.Can host, at that time, "forward" for a dream a sobering eagerly, in 1.3 billion the ears of the people, soul, rock outwards and let the country and the people all over the world can host a sense for the power of science and technology, for the national industrial recovery show the determination and confidence!

       Broadcast channel, one of the central a set of time: on December 23, 2016, "excerpt" later on fridays(John 8:32),Running around

       Broadcast channel # 2: CCTV seven time: on December 26, 2016, "military documentary" every day, running around (28) (much).

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       We sincerely invite you to share the rise of national industry and the great joy!