Expert advisers

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Qing-quan Chen

Electric motor and electric car experts, the Chinese academy of engineering, the Hong Kong engineering academy of sciences, the Royal Academy of engineering, Ukraine engineering academician of academy of sciences, Churchill college at Cambridge university.

Dong Xianquan

World class automotive experts, the federal republic of Germany materials testing institute engineering PhD, a former BMW's chief representative, geely embellish the board director, changan automotive research institute chief adviser, chery automobile quality department director.

Ling Tian JUn

The ford motor company's senior technical experts/project director, the ford motor company work for 15 years, the current saic, forward-looking technology research department chief engineer, and concurrently hold the position of the vehicle and electronic integration department director.

yu xiang dong

Majored in mechanical at Pennsylvania state university, PhD, Detroit, the Chinese association. During 1997 to 2007, served as the United States presided over the ford motor company project engineer, took office in 2008, Beijing automotive research institute, engaged in basic research, such as car development.

Shi lei,

Dr, over the years mainly engaged in vehicle performance integration and lightweight design, multidisciplinary optimization design, the structural topology optimization, product reliability and robustness design, body and chassis of CAE, car crash safety and fatigue performance simulation, etc.

Lei yu cheng 

Ms. Of tongji university, Ph.D., professor, doctoral supervisor, engineering Shanghai tongji with Czech technology co., LTD., chairman and CEO; SAIC - tongji automotive modelling and interior design center, deputy director of the member of the American society of automotive engineers (SAE)

, professional committee of China automotive engineering society suspension, brake professional committee.

Liu Shengheng

Mechatronics engineer, AnWei host new energy technology co., LTD, the general manager

Wang Yingfeng

The university of California MBA

Special researcher, Chinese academy of management science

Faw ChengJianChu director

Vice President of China science BBS


Industrial information experts, auto industry technological innovation association of zhejiang province

Liu peng

Electronic rinou expert, Beijing institute of technology in national engineering laboratory of electric vehicle research